May 062012

Poll:Does Beyonce Deserve Journalism Award?

The backlash has been hot and heavy every since it was announced that Beyonce was receiving a journalism award for an article she wrote for the July 2011 issue of Essence Magazine,called “Eat, Play, Love.” The New York Chapter of the Association of Black Journalists made the announcement in a press release on May 3rd.

People Magazine’s, ‘Most Beautiful Woman In The World.’ placed first in the Arts and Entertainment category. The decision to overlook hundreds of deserving journalists to give an entertainer who happens to be hot right now a journalism award has many people wondering what the heck is going on here?

What do you think?

Do you think Beyonce deserves such a prestigious award for penning one (1) article? Or was this an opportunity for the ABJ to gain exposure by hopping on the popular star’s bandwagon? Are the naysayers eating sour grapes?

Please share your thoughts in the comment box below!

Live Beautifully!

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  One Response to “Poll: Does Beyonce Deserve Journalism Award?”

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  1. No I don’t think she does…. because I don’t believe she actually wrote an article… and the title alone is just more proof that she doesn’t have an original bone in her body……

    The title of her “self-aggrandizing article; dropping all her accomplishments and plans “… all be it Eat, Pray, and Love is actually a movie that was released in 2010

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